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Brainycloud Marketing Blogs

neuromarketing experiment zombies overheid

The Matrix: Are we in the biggest Neuromarketing Experiment ever?

Cruijf's phrase “You won't see it until you get it” sounds laughable, but there is some truth to it.
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4 UX Tips to Address on Your Website Right Now

UX is becoming more influential with Google's Page Experience Update. Get your UX where it needs to be with these 4 tips!
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4 SEO Tips to Act on Before 2021

Here are four SEO tips for trends that you can take action on right now that will continue to be huge in 2020 and 2021.
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How to Make the Most of Your Google Ads Campaigns

You don't need to be an expert in maximizing your Google Ads campaigns' potential to make the most of using the platform. Use these 6 tips.
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How has Google My Business been updated?

Google My Business is a Google service platform where companies can show their customers who they are.
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Logo's met verborgen betekenis

The world’s most famous logos with hidden meaning

You’ve probably seen the most famous logos hundreds of times, but have you ever considered the hidden message?
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6 stappen naar een krachtige slogan

Slogans: in 6 steps to a powerful branding

We all know this sentence: Just call Apeldoorn. You may also see one of those funny ads in your mind.
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De Mannelijke Man

Masculine man: motives behind buying behaviour

Masculinity is a hot topic, especially in the world of marketing. And gender neutrality is increasingly being discussed in the social debate.
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Recruitment via Social Media

Recruitment: how do you sell yourself as an employer?

A company is as strong as the staff that work there. Unemployment is currently low and many companies are trying to attract a fresh pool of talent.
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SEO copywriting: how google knows if readers like you

Do you still think of pushing keywords when you hear the term SEO? If you do, you are not the only one. But do you still need to?
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