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SEO copywriting: how google knows if readers like you

SEO Copywriting

How google knows if readers like you

Do you still think of pushing keywords when you hear the term SEO? If you do, you are not the only one. Fortunately that is no longer the most important factor with which Google is ranking your site, because that stuff with keywords did not make the work of copywriters much fun!

Google has become a star in recognizing user experience and this forms a gigantic part of the ranking algorithm. But to be successful now means you have to think in reverse. Ranking is a result and not the starting point. You start with the experience of the user after they visit your page. If that experience is good, you can get higher in the search results. In this article we will show you which aspects are taken into account, and we will give you tips for SEO copywriting that you can use immediately.

SEO: What was it about again?

You probably know this but just think about the following: SEO stands for search engine optimization. An optimal website that makes search engines happy. And Google will be happy if the user is happy. And now there is the crux. The searcher, the user, is a person who is central to the process.

To divide SEO in manageable portions you can divide it into three aspects:

  1. Technical (does your site work at all?)
  2. User friendly (is your site designed in a logical fashion?)
  3. Content (what can be seen or read?)

Technology, including loading time, and structure are easy to assess objectively. Content may seem elusive because what is ‘interesting content’? And how do you know if you have indeed written it? And if you find that difficult to judge as a human being: how does the artificial intelligence of Google know this?

Measure user experience

Can you measure interest? No, there is no formula for this. However you can read from the behavior of visitors if they are satisfied with what you have offered them. In Google Analytics the values ​​for time spent on a page and the bounce rate are good indicators. In general you can say that a visitor who sticks to your page for a long time is a satisfied visitor. We therefore like to see a good amount of time spend on a page.

The bounce rate is the number of visitors who view only one page on your website without clicking to the next page. This does not have to be negative. Perhaps you have simply offered the visitor what he was looking for and his search is now complete. It only becomes a problem when there is pogo-sticking. By this we mean that a visitor comes to your page from a search engine but after a short time already clicks the back button.

Google denies that pogo-sticking is used directly in the ranking of search results. Yet this is a clear indicator that your material is not interesting or does not match certain search terms. Holding on to your reader is therefore an important goal within SEO copywriting. Unfortunately, many SEO professionals blindly look at technical aspects and rules, and forget how important it is to simply write catchy text.

SEO copywriting: 4 tips

  • Interesting and relevant content

A good text starts with interesting content. Collect information and make a little framework in which you make clear to yourself which questions you answer.

  • Catchy title

Your title should not only show what the text is about and include the keyword, it should also be attractive. The same applies to subheadings. Include a promise in your title and headings and respond to emotions by using a strong adjective (for example: “How to write a fantastic SEO text in 5 fast steps”)

  • APP method

The APP method is a concept of SEO guru Brian Dean for writing a catchy introduction. It stands for Agree, Promise, Preview. The method states that you must start your story with a statement that your reader will agree with (Agree). Then you make a promise about how the situation can be improved (Promise). And finally you give a taste (Preview), in other words, you specifically state what is covered in the article. These effective ingredients ensure that the curiosity and interest of the reader are met. The promise makes clear that he will immediately benefit from the content. He will not be able to resist the temptation to continue reading.

  • Bucket brigades

There is no other word for what Brian Dean calls ‘bucket brigades“. Teasers, boost or trigger words. Whatever you want to call it, they make a huge contribution to keeping the attention of your reader.

How does it work?

Exactly, like this. After that nice intro that you wrote with the APP-method, the attention drops quickly. A bucket brigade ensures that the reader is triggered to continue reading. They are short words or phrases that break the text and give a teaser of what is to come.

SEO copywriting is no longer about keywords within your content, It is about meeting the user’s need or question in the nicest way possible. User and content are central. You keep readers on your page as long as possible by writing good texts with interesting content, clear structure, and perked up with bucket brigades. Google recognizes a satisfied reader and rewards the page with a higher score within the search results.

A final tip: do you prefer to focus on your product or on the technical side of your website? Then let a professional do the SEO copywriting of your site. A well written text is a good investment as it certainly earns its money back!


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