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IGTV: What you should know for sure about the new feature

IGTV: What is it?

IGTV: What you should know for sure about the new feature

June was an important month for Instagram. A huge milestone in their number of users was reached: 1 billion active users. That was celebrated with a special expansion. On 20 June the social network launched the new feature Instagram TV, or IGTV.

What is IGTV

Instagram TV is Instagram‘s new video branch. It is accessible as a feature within the Instagram website or app, but also as a separate app. Within your Instagram account you could already upload videos with a maximum length of up to a minute or broadcast live. Yet IGTV is a IGTV-appcompletely different story. It wants to create a TV experience on your mobile. For example, when you open IGTV, immediately a video starts playing, just like on TV. But then in vertical format. Some more features in which ITGV tries to be new:

  • Long-form video: IGTV aims at long videos. Normal users can upload items up to ten minutes; larger, verified accounts up to an hour
  • Mobile ease of use: The vertical video format provides a seamless user experience since you no longer need to turn your phone between browsing and playing
  • Smart combination of TV and on-demand: automatic play ensures that the user does not actually have to search for content. Of course, they can switch between channels, videos or categories by swiping. Videos are recommended according to the categories’For you’, ‘Next’, and ‘Popular’
  • Uploading: you can not record video within IGTV. That means that you have to prepare and upload videos externally. This stimulates original content of good quality

How can i benefit from this as a brand or company?

Every Instagram user can start an IGTV channel. These channels remain linked to the normal account. The main goal is that vloggers and influencers can share their lives here with their followers. Of course, it also offers companies and brands opportunities for more engagement with their target group.

We already mentioned that Instagram currently has a billion active users. The platform is particularly popular among millenials and continues to increase. Moreover, mobile video is also booming. According to predictions from Cisco by 2021 no less than 78% of mobile data traffic will consist of video.

This makes IGTV a great platform to expand your video marketing. Or to start using it, if you have doubted the usefulness so far. If you already have an Instagram account, existing followers will also see your videos on IGTV under the category ‘Next’. But also by sharing videos and browsing options, you can easily reach and expand your audience here. When you get on board quickly, you also benefit from the novelty of the feature so that your brand is even more noticeable.

Tips for marketers


Are you convinced now? We have a number of tips for you, so that you can successfully start on IGTV. It does not matter whether you have already included Instagram in your marketing mix, or whether you have yet to make a start.

  • When you start: see what kind of content you already have and what you can easily convert for IGTV. Do you already have videos that you can post by just adjusting the size? Have you planned shoots or campaigns to which you can link a video? What would your target audience want to see having a look behind the scenes?
  • Consider the autoplay function. When someone arrives on your channel, the videos are played directly with audio. Therefore avoid loud or disturbing intros
  • Remember that titles are cut off after 20 – 25 characters. Formulate a concise title with the most important information at the beginning
  • Also add links to your description. These are clickable so that you can direct viewers to your website or other channels. You have the possibility to stimulate viewers to do so within the video. Especially in this initial phase not every viewer is aware that the links are clickable
  • Use smart hashtags just like with your photos on Instagram to be easier found
  • Do not forget to look closely at your statistics once your channel is running. IGTV offers extensive insights. See which content is doing well and what makes viewers drop out so that you can effectively adjust your strategy

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