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Bigger marketing with bigger data

Bigger Marketing with
Bigger Data

Today’s organizations expect knowledge workers – marketers included – to demonstrate a high level of cognitive competence, where skills such as prioritization and multitasking are a must. As an online marketer, analytics are also a natural part of your job description. But the industry is becoming more metrics-driven by the day – your work is beginning to require knowledge of complex web analytics technologies to allow a deeper understanding of consumer data. How can we as online marketers keep up?

If you’re working for a small company, you probably use Google Analytics, maybe Hubspot, some back-end and CRM data, and a treasured spreadsheet in which all that data comes together. If you work for a larger company, you’re probably already dealing with more complex web analytics and even big data.

But quite soon, you won’t only be expected to be an online marketer with stellar analytical skills. You will have to be a web analyst, and a data scientist too. You won’t be able to move the needle without understanding the sort of things you see on a Tableau dashboard.

Based on the Marketing2020 study:

Marketers today are awash in customer data… Knowing what an individual consumer is doing where and when is now table stakes. High performers in our study are distinguished by their ability to integrate data on what consumers are doing with knowledge of why they’re doing it, which yields new insights into consumers’ needs and how to best meet them.

Study by EffectiveBrands in partnership with the Association of National Advertisers, the World Federation of Advertisers, Spencer Stuart, Forbes, MetrixLab, and Adobe (summarized by HBR)

In today’s changing industry, there is a different style of analysis, an ability to directly access the data and slice and dice it in new ways, which is needed to answer burning questions. So gaining a deep understanding of the consumer is both more critical and more complex than ever before.

The team at CoolaData – maker of an end-to-end big data behavioral analytics platform – took on a project to make the available content about web analytics and BI for digital marketing more accessible. They built the Web Analytics & BI Wiki – the first knowledge hub that collects all the relevant information on the subject and organizes it in a meaningful structure:

BI for marketing data

The wiki started with an intensive research project – the first stage was building a tree of over 200 sub-topics around web analytics and BI, including web analytics concepts and metrics, BI for digital marketing, specialized analytics such as mobile or SEO analytics, and web analytics & BI technologies.

The CoolaData team collected over 100,000 web pages that cover these subjects, hand-picked the most relevant ones for each category, and divided them into “content types” such as How To, Case Studies, Real Life Examples, Vendor Information, Product Comparisons, and so on.

The wiki is still in its infancy with around 60 content pages, and new category pages are added on a weekly basis.

A central realization behind the wiki is that there is a huge knowledge gap between the average marketing professional, web analyst and the seasoned big data pro. So they set out to build a comprehensive resource that brings together thousands of expert opinions, how to guides, case studies and real life examples – written by bloggers, analytics experts, industry analysts and even competitors – in the intersection between marketing, web analytics, BI and data science.

We’re quite sure this new community resource can save a lot of time and help many marketing professionals become much more familiar with web/digital analytics, BI, and big data.

Check it out at:


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