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Marketing Verticals

Marketing verticals

In which markets are we active?

Brainycloud usually works for premium and luxury brands in various segments. However, this does not alter the fact that we sometimes work for start-ups and lesser-known brands. We sometimes get the question: ‘Do you have experience with our industry?’.

As neuromarketers we know that ‘no’ is the best answer. For example, a Marketing Manager without bias will be more likely to set up better campaigns, purely because he or she omits his/her own preferences and looks purely at campaign data.

This is because our Neuromarketing tactics work universally and can be applied anywhere within the customer journey. Which automatically means that we are not necessarily tied to certain markets. And to be honest, that’s what we like the most about our work. To discover new markets without personal preferences and develop successful strategies and designs without pattern thinking, for strong brands with great services or products.

We therefore work for the most diverse companies in the most diverse industries. For us it is only one thing matters: results.

All Marketing Expertises

With us you will find all expertise in one package. From Senior Marketers, SEO and SEA specialists to DTP'ers, Interaction Designers and Producers. Brainycloud has a core team in the Netherlands, a development team in Poland and a permanent group of freelance copywriters all over the world.

Back to the basics of Marketing

We use Marketing tools that are really needed. With our experience we go back to the essence; where are you now and where do you want to be? This results in a thought-out strategy and a thorough approach. That is marketing, and nothing else.


Brainycloud is a Google Partner, Cookiebot Partner and Lead Info Partner. Our employees are continuously trained and meet our high internal requirements in the field of Marketing and Design professionals.

Brainycloud Marketing Verticals

Food / Retail Marketing

From Bakker Tietema from the polder to the German chain Backwerk. We work and have worked for various companies in the retail / food industry. From arranging campaigns, maintaining social media channels, to setting up internal policies for the use of Social Media and developing a completely new corporate branding; we've done it all.

Hospitality Marketing

We know, a broad concept. But we have worked a lot for brasseries, restaurants and companies that deliver food on location. The now very popular restaurant Thuishaven was one of our projects for which we provided the complete introduction and corporate branding. We have built a special webshop for Partyservice Breet.

Business to Business Marketing

For many B2B companies, we help generate more leads (demand generation), set up and implement complete strategies, optimise customer journeys and special campaigns, fairs or events. We have made an important contribution to the growth of the now globally active company Trustpilot, and work daily on the fully automatic classification of new leads for numerous B2B companies. For this we work with tools such as Eloqua, Hubspot, Active Campaign and Agile CRM.

Marketing Technical Sector

We are also active in the technical sector. For example, we helped the Almere company Borgh with the introduction of a revolutionary diamond drill system, and we helped the American producer of silver-zinc batteries, ZPower batteries, to introduce their product in the Netherlands. For the American-Polish company Sonicsmith, we helped automate their Marketing, boost sales on Amazon and develop the B2B sister website

Marketing Industrial

Brainycloud has made an active contribution to the Marketing strategy and lead-gen activities of various industrial companies. An example of a recent project is the rebranding from AKF/AGF to AKF plastics. For this injection moulding company in Naarden, we provided a complete rebranding and strategy, and we are active with their SEO, website optimisations and Google ad campaigns.

Funeral Industry Marketing

We also ended up in the funeral industry. What initially seemed like a small and not very active market, actually turns out to be a fairly competitive and complex one. As a Marketing Agency, we help small independent entrepreneurs to compete with the big boys, but without big budgets. We help these independent funeral directors with SEO, Google ads and the development of all necessary Marketing materials.

Logistic / Transport

We have realised various projects for the logistics sector. This fairly traditional industry is often characterised by a lack of Marketing knowledge. As a Marketing agency, we help these companies to bring in more leads and automate various Marketing activities. We often act as their internal Marketing department. For example, we have automated all inbound traffic for Alpi. By means of nurture e-mail flows, tickets and an extensive CRM, they can better serve existing and new customers.


From extensive tours on the ramparts, to tours in the Smokeboat or Holyboat. We help with strategic advice, realising various designs, printed material such as flyers, setting up and maintaining Google campaigns and writing SEO content to generate more inbound traffic from other countries. Did you know that the Holyboat tour was recently voted the best Tripadvisor Tour of Amsterdam?

Retail Marketing

As a Marketing agency, we have worked and still work for various premium brands. Think of renowned watch brands (Frederique Constant & Alpina), fashion luxury brands such as Guess Watches and A-brands such as Sennheiser (audio) and Starkey (hearing care). For example, we help Sennheiser maintain and localize their Benelux Social channels, handle inbound social service requests for professional users and consumers.

IT (SaaS Software)

What started as an adventure in the red-light district of Copenhagen ended up becoming the largest worldwide platform for community reviews; Trustpilot. Brainycloud has made a significant contribution to the Dutch and German growth of this review giant. From setting up and translating Marketing flows in Eloqua to devising new strategic partnerships. A more recent SaaS introduction adventure was that of Relayter. From cool cinematic company videos to strategic account-based Marketing activities. We have done it all.

E-commerce Marketing

Show your products in Google Shopping, sell them on or Amazon? We have helped various customers with the initial start-up, fully automating the Google Merchant feeds or developing temporary or permanent e-commerce environments. For example, we developed a special Magento partner shop for PostNL and Sennheiser, and a completely new website with rental module and link with cyclesoft and Agu for Van Der Linde bicycles in Almere.

Crypto / Finance Marketing

What started with Flash banner sets and landing pages for Citi FX grew into various HTML 5 banner assignments for major brands in the finance world. With the growth of the crypto markets came orders for whitepapers, ICO websites and related Marketing materials. One of our most fun and exciting projects was Corner Trader's extensive HTML5 banner campaign during the American election. We weren't allowed to use images of Trump or Hilary and we had to prepare for both scenarios. Recognisable illustrations were the result. And in the end, Trump won!

Why marketing at brainycloud?

At Brainycloud Marketing & Design, our great passions for Marketing & Design come together. We combine this with our enormous interest in the workings of the human brain and our love for data. The result; designs and campaigns that really work.

Our Neuromarketing tactics work universally and can be applied anywhere within the customer journey. Whether you want a well-converting landing page or a sleek brochure to seduce people; we arrange everything, down to the last detail.

As a Marketing agency, we are not focused on specific verticals. We do like to work for great brands. Given the markets in which we operate, it can be said that we usually work for Premium Brands.


Are you interested in one of our Marketing or Design services, or just curious about what we can do for you? Then quickly contact us without any obligation, so that one of our specialists can look at the possibilities for your company together with you.

Need marketing advice?

Are you interested in one of our Marketing or Design services, or just curious about what we can do for you? Then quickly contact us without any obligation, so that one of our specialists can look at the possibilities for your company together with you.

Why MARKETING at Brainycloud?

Are you interested in one of our Marketing or Design services, or just curious about what we can do for you? Then quickly contact us without any obligation, so that one of our specialists can look at the possibilities for your company together with you.

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