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Brighten up your

Brighten up your Marketing

Creative Marketers and Designers

Different interests, different passions, different backgrounds, different hobbies but 1 common goal; making beautiful things and helping the companies we work for achieve their goals.

Our core team consists of passionate, driven and creative people who, by working well together, make really cool things. Outside our core team, we work with independent industry professionals. Think of copywriters, translators, videographers, etc. Combine our team commitment with proven Neuro Marketing tactics and you have a recipe for guaranteed success.

Our tagline – Brighten up your Marketing – refers to our strong passion to let companies flourish and stroll. Because we know that with the right attention and love, any company can achieve strong and rapid growth.

Is your business ready for that?

Talk with our 

Talk with our 

Marc Roodveldt

Marketing / Management

Great passion for the human brain, crazy about marketing, economist, creative thinker, graphic designer, more than 14 years of marketing experience, proud father of a beautiful daughter, more hobbies than free time, perfectionist.

Tim Trinh

Marketing Manager / IT Support

Great passion for photography, coding, problem solving, WordPress, beautiful things and good food. Honest, trustworthy and sincere. You can rely on Tim, and our customers know that.

Mark Janse

Designer / Illustrator / Animations

Great passion for drawing and design. A man of few words. Not easily distracted and goes straight for the goal. Mark is organized and hard-working. We think he loves wraps.

Malika Scheuerman

Designer / Video / HTML 5

Great passion for hipster designs. New and fun design assignments make her happy, and she also likes working on video assignments. Malika has grown with Brainycloud, and is an indispensable link in the creative team.

Ewa Roodveldt


Responsible for our cash flow, all annoying administrative tasks and sending reminders. Creative with numbers and organising invoices and other kinds of a4 sheets.



Snoop has a huge passion for good food, sleeping and barking. He is responsible for the safety of the office and our employees. In his spare time, he likes to clean the floor. Woof he says.

Brainycloud team in Almere

What we stand for

Do things that matter FIRST

Doing beautiful things is important to us. We also believe that you should achieve results as quickly as possible. The sooner the better, because then you will see that our work pays off.

RESPOND quickly

Short lines, accessible and a quick response. Even if we don’t have the answer right away. This way you immediately know where you’re at. You can also always reach us.

Apply neuro tactics

Regardless of our differences, our brain works very similarly. We have the key to the primordial brain, and apply the necessary Neuro-tactics in our Marketing communications.

Achieve results

Result is our number 1 priority. Measurable results is what we aim for. Let us know what your goals are, or let us determine them together, and then we will achieve them.

Please the customer

Customer satisfaction is especially important to us. Even if we’re pretty stubborn, we always try to listen to our clients as well as possible.

Surpass expectations

We often do that little bit extra. We work a little longer, we refine our work, we automate. With us you always get a little more than expected.


We think it is important that our employees ask questions. Whether it is internally or to the customer. The more we understand, the better we can do our job.

Aim for balance

Marketers and Designers often spend a lot of time on things that are not immediately visible. A beautiful website is great, but it also has to perform. We always look for the best balance.

Understand what matters

Many companies want something from us, but they don’t always know what exactly, or how they want it. We are masters in understanding what you need, and we always act accordingly.

Educate yourself

We learn every day. New software, new tools, new possibilities, from our mistakes and from our successes. We believe that’s very important.

Check your work

We do everything we can to deliver the cleanest possible product. We test our work, we check our work and we check each other’s work. Everything to prevent unnecessary mailing back and forth.

Not the client's problem

No excuses, our internal issues should never be our client’s problem. We do everything we can to deliver perfect work under all circumstances.

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We only use the specified data to contact you. Your data will be stored confidentially and only kept for the necessary duration. If you sign up for the newsletter, you will receive useful Marketing Tips 4 times a year.